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3 Dec 2008. that in 2007 German forces in northern Afghanistan drank 1.7million pints of beer . . Are they all really just sitting around drinking? .

26 Jan 2011 . estimated 15.1 million people: 15.1 million alcohol-abusing or alcohol-dependent individuals and 4.6 million are . Germany, 4575778 WARNING! (Details), 824246092 . Afghanistan, 1582928 WARNING! (Details), 285136772 .

8 May 2005. by a group of four Afghan guys who had consumed alcohol during the concert, . Parsa lived in Germany, and was popular among young Afghans around . Parsa , who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, had released 10 albums .

23 Mar 2011 . The Army wants to make it tougher for drug and alcohol abusers to hide . naked corpse of an Afghan civilian were published by German news .

9 Dec 2008 . In Afghanistan?! There's more. The Commissioner of the military . ban on alcohol, their German comrades are allowed two pints a day. .

18 Jul 2010 . The 300 Australian special forces troops in Afghanistan were all drug tested and the private was flown to Germany in a coma. . Dr Alex Wodak, director of the alcohol and drug service at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney .

1 post - 1 author - Last post: 15 Oct 2007As members of the German Bundestag prepare to decide whether to extend the German military's mission in Afghanistan, reports of alcoholism .

13 Aug 2008 . Alcohol abuse rises among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and other news . A German shot putter had a sex change from female to male that he .

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German Alchol Afghanistan German Alchol Afghanistan

3 Dec 2008. pints of beer were shipped to German forces in Afghanistan. British and U.S. bases in the country enforce a strict ban on alcohol. .

17 Nov 2008 . Alcohol is forbidden in Afghanistan for Muslims, but foreigners are . With national elections looming next year, German officials have .

4 Dec 2008 . According to a DailyMail report, German forces in Afghanistan . and U.S. troops in the country face a strict ban on alcohol, their German .

One of the first reforms Gorbachev introduced was the anti-alcohol campaign, . . Gorbachev announced the full withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan. . On 9 November, people in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany, .

4 Dec 2008 . Most German troops are stationed in the relatively quiet north, with a main job . US troops are forbidden to drink alcohol in Afghanistan, .

29 Jun 2010 . News: Afghanistan Forces ISPs To Block Social Networking - As well as dating, alcohol, gambling and porn websites.

4 Jun 2010 . HUNDREDS of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan are being drug tested . hospital in Germany, with his shocked parents and girlfriend by his side. . " Were allowed Alcohol" the military leaders seem to have lost the .

12 Nov 2008 . German Bundeswehr soldiers in Afghanistan have recieved deliveries of more than one million litres of alcoholic beverages in the last year, .

14 Nov 2008 . That the German Soldiers should go to the south, that .

19 Oct 2007 . A recent report out of Germany indicates that alcohol abuse by elite German soldiers in Afghanistan is rampant. .

German Alchol Afghanistan German Alchol Afghanistan

. it listed a violation of alcohol policy as the only specific reason for firing. . "Blackwater's concerned about getting kicked out of Afghanistan as it got kicked . NC, and to Germany before they settled in West Monroe, LA. . Soon after, Justin and the 75th Rangers were on their way to Afghanistan where .

14 May 2010 . Other newspapers reporting the same study said that alcohol abuse is . went to more than 100 military units across the UK, Germany and Cyprus. . What are the consequences of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan on the .

8 Oct 2010 . Alcohol ad creative can no longer depict anyone who is or . Regardless of a user's age. alcohol ads can no longer be targeted to those in Afghanistan, . France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands, .

1 Oct 2007 . As members of the German Bundestag prepare to decide whether .

3 Jan 2011 . Archive for the 'Blood Alcohol Content' Category . . gained attention recently by calling for a pullout of German troops from Afghanistan, .

4 Jan 2011 . Alcohol in Afghanistan. What type of alcohol is in Afghanistan. . Germany · Greece_Flag.png Greece · Ireland_flag.png . For our next stop in Alcohol Around the World we visit a largely arid land, the Islamic .

Information on Drinking in Germany: Beer from iGuide, the Interactive Travel Guide. . Afghanistan; Yazdan Talab, in Faryab Province, Afghanistan .

15 Nov 2008 . The figures imply that the 3600 German troops in Afghanistan as part . Back in my day we had to hide the alcohol when we were on the sand. .

Volunteers in Germany support Afghanistan deployment schedule . . Brake to warn them of the dangers of drinking excess alcohol during the Christmas period. .

13 Nov 2008 . "Over a Million Liters of Alcohol for Thirsty German Soldiers in Afghanistan" as been marked as invalid or inappropriate. .

German Alchol Afghanistan German Alchol Afghanistan

Tullamore Dew is committed to responsible consumption of alcohol. . GERMANY. IRELAND. BULGARIA. LATVIA. CZECH REPUBLIC. SWEDEN. AFGHANISTAN. ALBANIA .

18 Feb 2010 . To the chagrin of his German and Italian colleagues, the earnest American leading NATO forces in Afghanistan has banned alcohol at his Kabul .

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Even within the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, where service members are . anti-alcohol measures instituted in Germany include safety messages, .

4 Apr 2009 . France and Germany fully endorsed President Barack Obama's new Afghan war strategy but continued . setting fires and pilfering alcohol from its bar. . 20 Afghan elections, including from Britain, Germany and Spain. .

You can get alcohol in Kabul and the Mustafa is one such place where it's . A majority of restaurants in Afghanistan offer the same menu: beef kebabs, . .. my e-mail when I chanced upon a German ISAF vehicle at a major intersection. .

4 Mar 2010 . Question about shipping alcohol to marines stationed in Afghanistan? I know it's illegal, so don't bother being mommy and telling me that. .

23 Nov 2008 . Germany has been reluctant to send its soldiers to Afghanistan. . are lushes based solely on the amount of alcohol shipped to Afghanistan. .

2 Sep 2010 . Under Afghan law, the sale of alcohol to Muslims is prohibited. . they end up borrowing money from friends to visit the German Clinic, or, .

21 posts - 13 authors - Last post: 20 Feb 2009It must be the beer, the food on German army bases in Afg sucks ;D . . are the troops from France faring in regards to alcohol-related gut? .

German Alchol Afghanistan German Alchol Afghanistan

23 Apr 2010 . Afghan commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal is in Germany at the moment where . And I didn't know that Bush had a big problem with alcohol, .

15 Nov 2008 . Alcohol is forbidden in Afghanistan for Muslims, but foreigners are . In the meantime, the flow of German booze to Afghanistan shows no .

18 Jan 2010 . Not that alcohol is inherently evil—unless you're a Muslim, . to Germany and then to united stat . i thinks expanses of a afghan diplomat .

15 posts - 12 authors - Last post: 16 Nov 2008Germany has been reluctant to send its soldiers to Afghanistan. . "Alcohol obviously plays an alarming role in the Bundeswehr camps," Elke .

23 Dec 2010 . A lawsuit filed in Hong Kong's High Court confirmed the German bank is . There has been no word in Iran about a ban on Afghanistan-bound fuel. . in public for drinking alcohol, ISNA news agency reported on Wednesday, .

31 Aug 2007 . go away from Iraq/Afghanistan/Somalia/Balkan/. And rebuild your bullshit land . . In Soviet-Occupied Germany, alcohol drinks YOU! .

24 Feb 2010 . A test showed her blood alcohol level to be 0.154 percent, . German bishop invited to visit Afghanistan after criticizing military mission .

1 Oct 2007 . German Elite Troops in Afghanistan Marred by Reports of .

Customers at the AAFES MCX Camp Bastion, Helman Province, Afghanistan enjoy a little . If this isn't enough alcohol to help you relax here in Florida, . Also, at the PX there is no tax, whereas on German economy, they charge 19%! .

12 Sep 2009 . Technorati Tags: Admirial Mullen, afghanistan, alcohol ban, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, beer, civilian casualties, Dina Gusovsky, German .

Communities. Afghanistan · Germany . Firearms, alcohol, perishable foodstuffs and certain hazardous items also are restricted. Each zip code has a more .

Some nations such as Germany have a legal drinking age of 16 for beer and wine, . Countries in which alcohol is banned include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, .

6 Nov 2007. of alcohol by any service member while in Iraq .

4 Sep 2009 . NATO in Afghanistan · German army fury at . Meanwhile, an alcohol ban has been issued in Camp Sullivan and staff have been assigned to .

US aid, more like guns and alcohol. Order: Reorder; Duration: 3:22 . read more . British aid worker, German soldiers killed in Afghanistan 2008-10-20 .

7 Dec 2008 . Germany's parliament has looked into how a lack-of-alcohol ban has . German soldiers participate in passive operations in Afghanistan, .

3 Jun 2010 . The revelation that an Australian soldier serving in Afghanistan may have . remains in a serious condition in a military hospital in Germany. . "We've noticed that most of the self-medication is from alcohol abuse, .

15 Dec 2008 . Journalist being tested for alcohol and drugs to determine his state of mind . After his visit to Iraq, Bush traveled to Afghanistan, .

11 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 4 Sep 2009NATO Burns Afghans to Death KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — At least 90 . export alcohol to the Muslim country see our german .

Drinking alcohol is not forbidden to minors in private, but supplying them .

24 Feb 2010 . BERLIN (Reuters) - The head of Germany's 25 million Protestants resigned . the influence of alcohol just four months after becoming the third. . she said she could not justify the German mission in Afghanistan from .

Online home of The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs . Brewing, politics and society in early modern Germany (article) .

9 Sep 2009 . Merkel is defiant after criticism of Germany over airstrike; Alcohol 'was not a factor in the strike itself'. Fury: General Stanley .

8 Sep 2009 . Afghanistan: German commander 'in possible breach of rules .

8 Sep 2009 . I understand (or thought I did) and admire German reluctance for war, . of International Forces in Afghanistan (Isaf), banned alcohol at .

14 Dec 2008 . If there was an average of 3500 Germans in Afghanistan throughout 2007, then each drank an average of 500 bottles of beer a year, .

8 Feb 2008 . Occupied Afghanistan is the New Auschwitz of the US and its complicit allies ( including former Axis countries Germany and Japan who have on .

5 Nov 2009 . Bringing alcohol to Afghanistan: worth it? Risks? Fines? . The German military forces are allowed beer, at least. .

9 Jul 2009 . From the Napoleonic wars to Iraq and Afghanistan, drug use in the . Germans & Americans. The use of alcohol was also encouraged by the .

22 Apr 2008 . The woman was from Afghanistan, and people from Muslim decent are not allowed to drink wine or alcohol. # anniemyrick on 25 Apr 2008 at 2:41 .

German Alchol Afghanistan German Alchol Afghanistan

10 May 2009 . In general one is not allowed to drink alcohol in Afghan restaurants. . . Ekta – An Afghan Hindu and Sikh Magazine in German .

Open source travel guide to Afghanistan, featuring up-to-date . That same month, representatives from all ethnic groups of Afghanistan met in Germany and agreed to form a . .. Being an Islamic country, alcohol consumption is illegal. .

12 Feb 2011 . German beer makers hoping alcohol-free brew topples sports drinks . . takes twists and turns for family of Marine killed in Afghanistan .

15 Nov 2008 . Figures suggest German soldiers based in Afghanistan are .

Alcohol makes furtive comeback in Afghanistan. O ye who believe! . discreetly with the owner of the next shop over the price for 19 cans of German beer. .

Alcohol has always been illegal in Afghanistan, since it is prohibited in Islam. But the ban has always been more . Germany tackles rare earth shortage .

13 Mar 2007 . Afghan bloggers and non Afghan bloggers who write about Afghanistan have lot of stories to share: From alcohol to women and afghan .

Even within the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, where service members are . anti-alcohol measures instituted in Germany include safety messages, .

19 Nov 2010 . Under Afghan law, it is forbidden to serve or sell alcohol .

8 Jan 2011 . The depiction of Taliban drinking alcohol and Afghan soldiers in a Kabul café was also seen . Translated from the German by John Bergeron .

16 posts - 13 authors - Last post: 4 Dec 2008Since 2001, 28 German soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. . .. one that practiced 'No alcohol while deployed' policy. nice to know .

12 Nov 2008 . More than a million liters of alcoholic drinks were sent to troops based at German camps in Afghanistan last year.

16 Jan 2011 . Mark Benbow points out that a collection of German-American business . Advertising, Afghanistan, Africa, Albania, Alcohol (general) .

25 Feb 2011 . A German court has ruled that Muslim supermarket workers don't have to stock the alcohol shelves. The irony is, if you don't hire a shelf .

3 Dec 2004 . In February 2003 the British Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG . New opening times for the German restaurant – open on Saturday and closed on . . The restaurant has permission to serve alcohol but not to Muslims. .

15 Nov 2008 . The figures imply that the 3600 German troops in Afghanistan as part of Nato's . Alcohol consumption among German soldiers is expected to .

3 Dec 2008. ban on alcohol, their German comrades are allowed two pints a day. . 0 Comments on “German Soldiers in Afghanistan Too Fat to Fight .

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17 Jun 2009 . In 2007 German forces in Afghanistan consumed about 90000 bottles of wine in . British and US bases by contrast have an alcohol ban. .

3 Dec 2008 . 31 users responded in " German Army In Afghanistan so Fat they are relegated to . The american ban on alcohol is symbolic at best. .

22 Feb 2011 . German alcohol-free beer making a splash in sports . . U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Killing American Troops in Afghanistan, Supporting Taliban .

Yeah, that's what we civvies think, the infantry gun nuts live in Afghanistan shooting people in the face, the rest live in Germany drinking beer and .

13 May 2010 . I chose a 14-year post in Germany purely because the alcohol was so . law of the country and all tours to Iraq and Afghanistan are dry. .

3 Dec 2008. ban on alcohol, their German comrades are allowed two .

14 Nov 2008 . Around 1m litres of beer were shipped to German troops in Afghanistan last year - equivalent to over 600 pints per soldier.