In that respect, we decided that going with a big company may be a better option . We are currently considering Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears to do the job. .

3 Jun 2009 . Home Depot or Lowe's both have these same issues with their kitchen and . .. I think I would have been better served by the little guy, .

A Sears campaign names its competitors Home Depot and Lowe's in an . .. Home Depot has against these smaller competitors is that they stand a better chance .

19 Feb 2009 . Home Depot had a slightly better deal on Black & Decker's 24-inch Hedge Hog electric hedge trimmer at $69.97, compared to Lowe's $74.96 .

Don't bother with Lowes, go to Home Depot to shop. Their prices are better and credit is much easier ! Most attractive feature: none .

Find and give answers to this question and questions like this one: Who has better prices on indoor paint, Home Depot or Lowes?

15 posts - 14 authors - Last post: 12 Aug 2007I think the checkout is much better at Home Depot, as is the general attitude of the employees. Lowe's, on the other hand is better lighted .

17 Feb 2011 . Well Home Depot and Lowes is looking for you and you'd better go see them right now. The new jobs may be seasonal, part time and temporary, .

14 Mar 2011 . I now know my way around the Home Depot and think there prices are fine so I am wondering if the service is better at Lowes or if there is .

11 Aug 2010 . get better grades. the United States and $11000-$15000 in Canada (, Home Improvement April, 2010). Home Depot and Lowe's are .

Better Lowes Or Home Depot Better Lowes Or Home Depot

11 Jul 2008 . It's still a better deal than paying out right for the . Lowes, Home Depot and Sears, all had free delivery and haul away (all though .

21 Apr 2009 . It is obviously the second largest hardware chain behind Home Depot. Click here to learn more about the History of Lowes. .

13 May 2010 . In general, Home Depot has more products, but Lowe's sometimes has a better selection in specific categories. I prefer Lowe's garden and .

18 Aug 2010 . The Motley Fool - Don't waste your time on the not so super superstores.

I have been doing some home improvements in the last year and have found that home depot and lowes are much better stocked than some of our other large home .

18 Jul 2007 . I have worked for home depot, lowes, & empire if anyone knows them better take a shot. Empire is the highest priced & they pay about $5.00 .

7 Dec 2010 . Positive recent housing and economic data have helped push .

I seen to like Lowe's better for the customer service and the attention of . My company was the millwork installer for 2 Home Depots in my area and HAD .

So at™ you get better advice, convenience, and a better price. Home Depot is a registered trademark of Home Depot Inc. and Lowe's is a registered .

10 Jun 2007 . I find that for home decor Lowes is best and for home . I think it's better than Home depot. you can never find anyone to help you at .

Better Lowes Or Home Depot Better Lowes Or Home Depot

Customers report that Lowes has better customer service than Home Depot. There's no doubt that trying to find the right washer nut or lawn mower can be an .

 9 reviews

25 May 2009 . Low es is better for the most part. Home Depot service is not very good any more . Lowes has the best close out sales since they like to keep .

39 posts - 36 authors - Last post: 24 Apr 2009Lowe's is a little better at that. But I really like purchasing stuff online for Home Depot with coupons. I save more money that way. .

13 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 5 Sep 2008I thought I remembered reading on here that more people have better experiences with Lowes than Home Depot regularly. Is that still true? .

31 posts - 15 authors - Last post: 15 Dec 2009What things do you think Home Depot and Lowe's do better than Sears when it comes to power L&G? Why would a customer shop there instead of .

23 Feb 2010 . Lowe's and Home Depot's sales and earnings are improving, . Lowe's sees higher -ticket items selling better as homeowners take on bigger .

20 May 2008 . Home Depot posted gains only in tools. Melich, in his note, says Lowe's "appears to be the best value and risk-reward" in the sector. .

22 Sep 2008 . Here's the Return on Assets [ROA] of both Lowe's and Home Depot: click to enlarge. We see slightly better returns for Home Depot, which is .

25 Aug 2008 . 2 home-improvement retailer is focusing on "easy-to-understand promotions with a fewer, bigger, better approach." Home Depot, Lowe's Pull .

Better Lowes Or Home Depot Better Lowes Or Home Depot

Many people do not think of bargaining for a better price at stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Here is how to save ten percent off almost any product. .

 6 reviews

15 Mar 2009 . Home Depot. HD is cheaper, has better quality brands (when HD or Lowe's has an exclusive or strong agreement with a manufacturer), .

15 Jul 2009 . Here's my list of requests for Lowe's and Home Depot execs: . . nothing to do with making a better purchase and everything to do with which .

31 posts - 27 authorsThe Menards has a fairly wide selection of dimensioned and sheet goods, Lowe's has a decent selection of the common stuff and better prices, Home Depot I .

19 Feb 2010 . FBR Capital's Stephen Chick today writes in a note to clients that Home Depot ( HD) is a better bet than Lowe's Companies (LOW) going into .

home depot is ridiculously high, lowes isnt that much better. I go to menards, their prices are reasonable, and seem to have a wider selection .

25 Feb 2009 . Home Depot wasn't much better. They indicated fiscal 2009 sales to be down 9% . Home Depot looks to be struggling a bit more than Lowe's. .

19 Feb 2010 . "Previously, Lowe's was doing better operationally and eating Home Depot's lunch . doing Home Depot better than Home Depot was doing it," .

Lowe's is a better DYI wallet savior in my hometown. I can go there with a sale paper from Home Depot and get the same deal from them plus 10% off. .

Better Lowes Or Home Depot Better Lowes Or Home Depot

Lowes and Home Depot are very close and aggressive competitors. As such, each store has its advantages. Overall, we feel Lowes tends to offer the better .

10 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 20 May 2007I've done alot of homedepot / lowes comparison lately (remodeling my house). Lowes has better selection, price, and customer service IMHO. .

25 Nov 2009 . Home Depot has always been a better company than Lowes .

24 Apr 2007 . I get the impression that the Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement . Lowes is no better. The stores near me don't ask you about siding, .

49 posts - 22 authorsI can't speak for home depot, but I work for Lowes so it may be similar and . .. I will believe this is a change for the better for HD when the "subject .

Better Trades Stock Battles - Home Depot vs. Lowes - Company Info. . Lowes. Ticker Symbols: HD vs. LOW. 04/15/209. Home Depot vs. Lowes .

29 Jul 2007 . Which one is better, lowes or home depot? I used to work for home depot, and I know it's run by a bunch of nascar-loving republicans, .

26 Oct 2009 . 2) Merchandising and in-door procurement of structural building materials was better at Lowe's than either Home Depot or Menards, .

23 Feb 2011 . I like to shop at Lowes rather than Home Depot because Lowes .

i think hope depot is better.they have a huge selection of all your hardware needs and the service there is really good. . Home Depot is better than Lowes .

They are often more flexible on their pricing, most will charge per square foot as Home Depot does, and they often do a much better job at tailoring the .

4 Feb 2011 . When it comes to competitive brands, there aren't many other brands that more directly compete for customer dollars than Home Depot and .

25 Oct 2007 . He did mention, though, that the quality of the cabinet boxes (not the fronts), was better with Home Depot than Lowes, but we were on a .

It is better than using your hands with gloves and better than using a hose. . I can buy them all at ANY Home Depot, Lowes or large ACE. .

10 Feb 2011 . But which of these retailers makes the better housing play? . Tags: Lowes, Home Depot | Get Alerts for these topics » .

14 Apr 2007 . also also when i didn't need to hand pick lumber, lowe's delivery was way better . home depot had a contractor who would not take the .

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28 Jan 2010 . Updated 1/28/10 >> Home Depot changed their return policy shortly after this article was written. Read the comments below.

I find Home Depot better on prices and selection for building materials .

3 Jan 2011 . Lowe's could gain ground on Home Depot by better engaging with customers that check-in, offering check-in based coupons, or even launching a .

10 Dec 2006 . ``I like Lowe's better than Home Depot. They have a better selection,'' she said Friday outside the Home Depot in Natick. .

9 Dec 2010 . FBR Capital Markets analyst Stephen Chick thinks so and the "Fast Money" traders weigh in.

Better yet, Lowes or Home Depot could put together in-house kits to allow .

Home Depot is not a very nice place to work for. Lowes does treat their employees better, way better. Both pay crappy unless you are in specialty sales. .

23 Feb 2010 . Home Depot and Lowe's, the nation's largest home improvement retailers, posted better-than-expected earnings this week. .

8 Nov 2006 . I shopped Home Depot originally and still do. However, I started going to Lowe's to compare and we like them better for some thing. .

22 Aug 2006 . Big Box Battle: Home Depot vs. Lowe's. The home-improvement giants have been hammered by housing-market worries. Which can better withstand .

You walk in to Home Depot or Lowes and are greeted by a friendly associate who directs you to the . Something that you won't find at Lowes or Home Depot. .

23 Aug 2009 . Kitchen contractors and experienced homeowners answer the question: Home Depot or Lowes: Which has the better kitchen installation service?

12 Oct 2007 . Full Disclosure: I do not own shares of Home Depot or Lowe's. Looking at these ratios, which of these two stocks is the better value and why .

Better Lowes Or Home Depot Better Lowes Or Home Depot

I purchased a Whirlpool 40 gal LP gas flamelock water- heater from Lowes and . .. Reading the reviews of several other brands don't sound much better. . I bought a GE 40 gal water heater at home depot,3 months later ..the pilot goes .

Lowes and Home Depot both take competitors coupons. Register for Lowes moving . .. Their customer service is just better - I had to return and rebuy some .

6 Jul 2005 . Story going around about Home Depot and Lowe's. At one time the owners were married to each other and got a divorce. The wife got a raw deal .

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13 Jun 2010 . Though Home Depot's (NYSE: HD) and Lowe's (NYSE: LOW) latest quarterly results suggest that investors are feeling more at home with .

15 Feb 2008 . Home depot has more than 2200 locations compared to Lowe's 1300 . The jury's still out on which home improvement giant is better. .

19 Feb 2010 . Home Depot and Lowes will report fourth-quarter earnings next week, . Those had a better chance of attracting cash-strapped homeowners .

Here are three reasons why Solar Panels Online offers a better deal than Lowe's or Home Depot. 1) Expert Help: Installing solar panels at your home or .

Some DIYers are intent on patronizing their local lumberyard and hardware store to the exclusion of Lowe's and Home Depot (or because they don't have one of .

Lowes',the customer service is better and the store is much cleaner. I kind of noticed that. In the home depot, there is more of a mess that Lowe's. .

I have heard bad things about shopping at Lowes as well as the Home Depot. I went online and visited both websites and seemed to paint a better .

Shopping question: Which Home Improvement store is better Home Depot or Lowes? As an employee of Lowes for 2 1/2 yrs the big focus is on CUSTOMER SERVICE.

12 Feb 2007 . Seems to be that Lowe's wanted almost four dollars more a sheet (keeping in mind tax) then Home Depot. When you're buying 80+ sheets of .

23 Aug 2008 . If Home Depot advertises more than Lowe's, or spends more on training or . Home Depot may be benefiting from having better locations, .

48 posts - 42 authorsI actually prefer Lowe's over Home Depot. From my experience, the customer service is a bit better. At Home Depot, every time I go I have to travel 10 .

3 Jan 2003 . Home Depot needs to revamp its stores in order to better compete against the smaller Lowe's, which said it was comfortable with estimates of .

7 posts - 5 authorsThis is the spot to discuss all forms of flooring--carpeting, hardwood, childrens' clothing.

27 Feb 2006 . And there are certainly aspects of Lowe's model that could be seen as working better than Home Depot's. Lowe's is generally thought to have .

28 Feb 2011 . Right now Home Depot has better comp growth and better margins, while Lowe's has a somewhat more compelling valuation. .

So call Lowes at: (336)658-4000. and Home Depot: (770) 433-8211. and tell them that you find it offensive that they provide better service to some that have .

10 Jan 2007 . Whoever brought Menard's (great lakes region retailer)into their answer shame on you. When you can buy a gallon of bbq sauce with your load of .

The respective first-quarter earnings numbers for the world's two largest home improvement stores are in, and the results show that do-it-yourself consumers .

6 posts - Last post: 9 Jan 2008Between Home Depot and Lowe's, I typically prefer Home Depot. Lowe's has a better selection on some home decorating things, etc, but Home .

27 Jan 2009 . We often get the question: Which is better - Home Depot or Lowes? Let's face it, everybody has an opinion. Some women like Lowes because .

22 Aug 2006 . By and large, analysts expect both Home Depot and Lowe's to grow . for its big orange boxes may be a better bet to ward off the retail blues.

10 Nov 2010 . Chances are, there is a Home Depot and a Lowe's in your .

Whis is the better brand paint? walmart, lowes or home depot?

5 Sep 2007 . Lowe's rated higher than Home Depot in most areas, including product selection and customer service. Asked which chain they like better, .