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Finance for Business

Everything you do in business affects sales, cost and profit

Corridan Training deliver financial training, in modules direct to business or as a freelance training provider to established training organisations. The courses are workshop-based, providing delegates with a sense of achievement that can also be measured by management. Corridan Training training courses are developed and delivered to ensure that finance is enjoyable as a topic and relevant to the delegate’s business.

Corridan Training aim to improve an individual’s awareness of how everyday actions and business management can positively affect and enhance the profit of the business.

Personal Money Management

DO YOU ....

  1. Know how much money goes in and out of your house every month?
  2. Understand how interest rates and credit card debt work?
  3. Know where you are wasting money that could be adding to your wealth?
  4. Feel in control where personal finance is concerned?


Our short courses can help. We can get you started on the road to confidently managing your personal finances in a safe and lighthearted environment.

Corridan Training short courses take the dull out of finance work with you to ensure you have the basic understanding and system you need to successfully manage your personal finance and get the most out of your hard earned money.